The CENTER for Therapeutic and Educational Riding, Inc. is located at C-Line Stables in Townsend, Delaware. All animal facilitated activities will be conducted within the 83 available acres to include use of the indoor arena, outdoor sand ring, stable area and paths throughout the property.  An ADA bathroom has been constructed allowing easy access and space for assistance for anyone who may need it. In addition, a lift system has been installed and has added an extra element of safety and control if needed during mounts.

The CENTER is a volunteer-based 501 (c) (3) organization governed by a Board of Directors. Pam Liverman is the Director and provides direction to every element of the program for our riders and equine partners.  Jaime Liverman is the Volunteer Coordinator.  She actively recruits and works with our volunteers.

​Certified Instructors will develop programs to meet the specific needs of each rider and will be present for each lesson. Our trained volunteers will be available at each lesson to provide assistance and maintain a safe environment for our riders. The commitment of our staff is to treat all with dignity and respect. Our expectations are that all have something special to contribute and all contributions are appreciated. There is a place for everyone at The CENTER.
The CENTER At C-Line Stables

At C-Line Stables​