Thank you for your interest in The CENTER At C-Line Stables.

​We encourage you to visit our facility and meet our hard-working staff and the special horses that make this all possible.
The CENTERAt C-Line Stables
The Center At C-Line Stables offers 5 different horseback riding packages to accommodate individual rider needs. Each package has time built in so that the rider interacts with the horse on the ground as well as in the saddle. We feel that there is faster progress in learning to ride when the rider spends more time with the horse.

This is a ½ hour lesson for the young rider. It has the rider, grooming, saddling, riding and un-tacking.
This type of lesson is for 3 to 5 year old children.
$145 per month

½ Hour Private
This lesson is well suited for the rider who is just beginning. The one-on-one approach helps the rider learn terms and riding techniques quickly. This lesson is also good for any rider who wants concentrated riding time. The rider is here for 1 hour. Grooming, tacking and un-tacking are part of this lesson.
$175 per month

Group Lesson

​This lesson generally has 4 riders and lasts for 1 ½ hours. One hour is the riding lesson. The ½ hour will involve either coming before the lesson to groom and tack his/her horse or staying after the lesson to cool down his mount, un-tack and put the horse away. We try to group riders with si​milar abilities.
$155 per month

Private Lesson
This lesson is suited for the advanced rider who has specific goals. They are usually scheduled on an “as needed” basis. $65 per hour
Horse Show Riders

​This lesson is tailored to the riders who show at “Rated Shows” consistently. These lessons are more intense.  
Most riders ride one time a week.  Progress made at this schedule is constant.
Some riders ride more often and as expected, these riders progress more quickly.
Choosing the number of lessons per week depends upon the needs and the goals of the family and rider.

​Payment for one month will be paid at the beginning of the month on the first lesson day.  Checks should be written to "The Center"
The amount will be for 4 lessons. When the month has 5 days of a lesson day, there will be 4 lessons, usually the 5th day will not have a lesson.
If a lesson is missed because of unexpected reasons, please call to let us know and we will be glad to reschedule the lesson that week or the following week only.
If a lesson is missed because of pre-planned reasons we will be glad to reschedule that week or the following week only. When a month has a major holiday, we will make adjustments.

We will have lessons during inclement weather.  Our indoor ring affords us this privilege.  During lightening storms we will hold non-riding lessons that will be geared toward horses and better riding.
Snow and ice storms are different. Call us and we will advise you of our situation.

​Thank you for being part of our family.  

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