Therapeutic Riding Program

Therapeutic Horseback Riding is for individuals with physical, cognitive or psychological
​challenges that limit their ability to participate in a more typical riding program. The purpose
of this activity is to provide a safe, structured environment for individuals with challenges.

The multi-dimensional movement of the horse has been shown to positively affect physical,
​psychological and behavioral functioning in individuals with barriers such as Spina Bifida,
​Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Down Syndrome, Autism, visually
​and hearing impaired, emotional development and learning challenges. It has also been
​shown ​very effective in seniors as a viable recreational activity with aerobic advantages.


The individuals we serve benefit directly from increased mobility, flexibility and strength as
​well as improved sense of responsibility, self-control, self-esteem and team dynamics.

Due to the special needs of the individuals we serve, The CENTER is a specialized facility
​capable of meeting the needs of these individuals. Their needs are met through modified
​equipment, modified instruction, trained staff and specially trained horses not easily
​found at standard riding facilities.

This activity will be conducted by The CENTER for Therapeutic and Educational Riding, Inc.
​Specifically, there will be minimally one instructor present during each riding session.  
​The ability of the rider determines if additional staffing is needed and to what extent.
​Maximum ​staffing per rider is four.

As balance and stability are gained, the need for ​staffing may be reduced. ​Horsemanship skills are taught to the individual rider’s ability and are not the primary focus as in a typical riding program. Increasing strength, ​stamina, flexibility, mobility and balance are stressed.  In consideration of individuals with learning delays, educational aspects can be incorporated into the ​lesson using colors, shapes, letters and numbers.

​​As skills are developed, they will also be challenged ​by following directions that become more complex. Individuals with emotional disabilities can use the ​horse itself as a mode to healing. The horse and the relationship that develops provides companionship, ​trust, understanding and unconditional love. The CENTER provides a resolute standard of operation that ​is reassuring and consistent thus providing stability and sa

The CENTER for Therapeutic and Educational Riding, Inc.