The CENTER for Therapeutic and Educational Riding, Inc.
Our Farm for Everyone (OFFE)

The CENTER is proud to announce its OFFE program.  It is officially the first program to be offered at our own farm located next door to C-Line stables at 3565 Harris Road.

We are excited to be developing programming that uses the farm itself as a therapeutic modality.

Our goals are to:

​​​​​*Instill pride, ownership and responsibility to those participating

*Encourage learning thru hands on experiences

*Promote physical activity to the level of the participant

*Foster leadership skills while being able to work as a team

*Educate and encourage green practices, love of nature and desire to help the environment​​​​

These goals will be met thru:

*Herdsmanship and Husbandry - hard work wrapped in the fun of tending the herd

*Release and Habitat Improvement - giving back to the environment and building futures

*Seed to Table - a gardeners adventure

*Going Green - Exploring how easy it is to help and heal our environment

*Mini workshops - to enhance the above endeavors​​​​​​​

We will be starting small, but we intend to engage our entire community thru open houses, hands on opportunities and seasonal activities.

Below are a few of our current critters - in the spring we will be adding chickens, ducks, more sheep and goats and with any luck MINI COWS!!​​​


Fawn is a mini donkey.  She's gets no taller than 36".  She is currently 12 years old, but can live to be 45 years old​.  She is the mother to Eli.

Rosie is a mixed sheep.  If you notice, she has wool on the top part of body and hair on the bottom.  "Hair sheep" have more hair fibers and shed.  "Wool sheep: have more wool fibers and need to be sheared.  

Since Rosie is a mix, we only have to shear half of Rosie in the spring!  

Flash is a Lamancha goat, which is a dairy goat. They are born with very small ears (it almost looks like they have no ears!).  They are the only breed of goats developed in the United States.​

Dash is a Nubian goat.  They are milk goats just like Flash & Johnny.  Their milk makes the best cheese.  ​

Like Flash, Johnny is also Lamancha goat. He loves it when people visit and give him lots of head rubs.

Eli was born on the farm in 2018.  Like his mother, Fawn, he is a mini donkey.  Eli is white like his father.  He is the sweetest little boy.