The Warrior Within

The Warrior Within Program offers a two track approach to the health and wellness of those affected by cancer; a riding program and a ground activities program. At any time, a rider may switch between the two or utilize both tracks. Both tracks are designed to allow an individual the opportunity to step out of their daily living, if only for an hour, to refuel the body, mind and soul. ​​​​

​The Warrior Within Program uses the horse as a multidimensional modality
​in fighting cancer. ​The physical, psychological and emotional benefits of the
​horse/human bond has been shown ​throughout history to be successful in the
​healing process.

The program was developed as a multidimensional approach to the wellness
​of individuals ​affected by ​cancer
with the understanding that cancer affects the
​entire family, ​"cancer does not affect me, it affects we"

  • ​To treat all that participate with dignity, honesty and compassion, never pity
  • To expect that all people have something special to contribute
  • To understand the limitations of the human spirit but at the same time strive to find the thread of continuation
  • To remain a solid and consistent presence in a time of strife
  • To allow each participant , their own time, place and pace within the program
  • To understand that healing, on every level, is a personal endeavor with no specific end date
  • That change is an opportunity to redefine. It is not always comfortable

Riding Track

Geared toward the individual who has an interest in learning how to ride horses. Instruction is given in Hunt Seat Equitation with emphasis on pleasure riding. This program allows each rider to develop a skill set at their own pace while pursuing the goals of typical riding. Physical emphasis is placed on increasing mobility, flexibility and strengthening the body. Cognitive emphasis is placed on providing an outlet in which the rider is challenged to refocus,
​for this time and space.

Ground Track

To understand that a horse provides much more than the ability to
​physically move an individual, we offer a different ​approach. Within
​the Ground Track we encourage our participants to enjoy the spirit,
​camaraderie and peace with like- ​minded individuals. By grooming,
​feeding, bathing, walking, watching and studying horse behavior the
​individual is ​exposed to the calming nature inherent in horses.

We make no mistake in understanding that cancer is a battle, fought
​by every member of the family. Regardless of ​whether our rider is the
​individual diagnosed with cancer, a survivor, a caregiver, grieving the loss of a child or any of the ​above, they are all WARRIORS in the fight. It is by design that we encourage our riders to find that warrior within themselves and to summon it in times of need. Throughout time warriors have called upon their trusted mounts to take them into battle, cancer is no less of a battle. The horse remains steadfast in its abilities as a partner, friend, confidant and nurturer. We are simply here to facilitate the process.

The CENTER for Therapeutic and Educational Riding, Inc.